Tutoring Fee and Deposit

Fee: My tutoring fee is $25 per hour and is due before (for online students) or when the service is rendered.

Deposit: At the end of the first tutoring appointment (beginning of appointment for online students) you pay me my fee. If you decide to have me continue tutoring you that term or semester you also pay a $10 refundable deposit at the end of the session. If you are not sure (and decline to pay the initial deposit) but decide later you do want me to tutor you that term or semester, then at the beginning of the second tutoring appointment you pay my fee ($25 per hour) and a $15 refundable deposit.

Appointment Cancellations: For each appointment you make with me, if you need to cancel and let me know at least 2 hours before the appointment, there is no charge. If you let me know at least 1 hour (but less than 2 hours) before the appointment, there is a $5 charge deducted from your deposit. If you don't let me know at least 1 hour before the appointment, there is a $10 charge deducted from your deposit. Talking to me directly or leaving a message in my voicemail or in my email box suffices to let me know about a cancellation.

Replenishing Deposit Required: Suppose at any point you have less than $10 of your deposit remaining. Then I will need to receive sufficient funds from you to restore your deposit to $10 before you can schedule another appointment with me. I will need to have actually received such funds. It will not suffice that they are in the mail, etc.

Deposit Refund: At the end of the term or semester, I will refund any part of your deposit that you have remaining. It is your responsibility, however, to let me know where you want your deposit sent. To get your deposit back, you need to let me know within 90 days after the end of your semester or term where to send your deposit.

I reply to emailed or texted math or statistics questions for free as soon as possible. And, contrary to the to usual texting etiquette, I do NOT object to your texting me to say you sent me an email.

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