How Online/Phone Tutoring Typically Works

You can text, email, or call me to arrange an appointment. Or you can always try calling without an appointment.

At the beginning of the session or before, you pay for as many half-hours of tutoring as you think you need. Any unused funds can be refunded or credited toward a later tutoring session. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or PayPal through my PayPal link at

To schedule additional appointments you pay a refundable deposit. You can pay either a $10 deposit at the end of your first session or a $15 deposit at the beginning of your second session. Either way the deposit is refundable if you do not miss any scheduled sessions without letting me know two hours ahead of time (See time considerations.).

You text or email me a picture of the problems you are working, including any work you want me to check. Or if you can identify your problems of interest in James Stewart's 2007 edition of Essential Calculus, which I have, that may save some effort getting them to me.

I offer suggestions about your math problems over the phone and instant message you illustrations, partially worked out problems, etc. (My background is available here.)

As the session continues, you instant message any additional work you have done. And I offer additional suggestions, etc., about your work.

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